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Protecting against identity theft: More than 41 tons of documents …

Thanks to our shredding and banking partners, and local media who helped us get the word out, we were able to help thousands of people reduce their chance of identity theft by shredding more than 77,000 pounds of … Source:


Latest Obama order aims to combat identity theft, data breaches …

President Obama signed an executive order on Friday designed to increase Americans' financial security and strengthen protections against identity theft. Source:

Infographic: 6 Methods Of Identity Theft |

Hackers and skimmers are common methods of identity theft these days. But here are other commone ways fraudsters will steal your identity. Source:

Obama orders feds to adopt credit-card technology limiting identity …

Card issuers Mastercard and American Express are moving in that direction as well. The executive order will also help the Federal Trade Commission create a one-stop source for identity-theft victims and allow investigators to … Source:

Obama unveils new measures to stem identity theft –

US President Barack Obama on Friday ordered 'pin and chip' security measures for government payment systems, aiming to stem the proliferation of credit card fraud and identity theft. Source:

HSI investigation leads to 5 arrests, indictments in identity-theft ring

The defendants are charged in a 66-count indictment with grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, scheme to defraud, identity theft, attempted identity theft, criminal possession of stolen property, and unlawful possession of … Source:

Woman has a message for you about identity theft | Fox17

Most of us figure we're pretty safe from identity theft. That's what one woman thought, too. Leslie Yeoman has always been careful where she shares her personal information.That's why she couldn't believe someone had … Source:

Identity Theft Ring Busted at Saks Fifth Avenue – NY1

Authorities have busted an identity theft ring operating out of Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store in Midtown. Source:

FOOLYWANG ACTIVITIES: Five Individuals INDICTED After Alleged …

In foolywang news, five people (four of them being Saks sale associates) have been indicted on identity theft charges after stealing customers' personal info to purchase designer items. And they racked up with $400K worth of … Source:

Saks Fifth Avenue Workers Accused Of Running Identity Theft Ring …

Saks Fifth Avenue Workers Accused Of Running Identity Theft Ring That Made $400K. By Mary Beth Quirk October 6, 2014. (zyphbear). While the idea of working in close proximity to luxury goods bearing designer tags might make the … Source: