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Former deputy chief of Richlands EMS accused of fraud, identity theft

Former deputy chief of Richlands EMS accused of fraud, identity theft. ONSLOW COUNTY -. A former deputy chief of Richlands Volunteer EMS Rescue is accused of using the squad's fuel card for personal gas purchases. Source:


Freeze the Credit of a Dying Relative to Prevent Identity Theft

When a family members dies, the last thing you want to think about is their credit rating. But freezing their credit now may save you many hassles later. We've already told you how to protect yourself from identity thieves, but … Source:

Identity Theft Protection Offered to Employees Affected by Data …

The letter states that your personal information was included in a company data breach and that you are encouraged to enroll in free identity theft protection services by November 8, 2014. The state of Tennessee announced … Source:

Jewish Jesus and Identity Theft in Renaissance Art | Bernard Starr

If you look at Renaissance artworks that depict Jesus, you will not find any evidence of a Jew inside the Christianized Jesus — even though the Gospels in the New Testament tell us that Jesus was Jewish to the core…. Source:

The Most Common Identity Theft Mistake – Business Insider

Neal O'Farrell, executive director of nonprofit victim support network The Identity Theft Council and 30-year veteran of the cybercrime and identity theft field, explains that most of us are guilty of refusing even the most basic … Source:

Celebrities and identity theft – BetaNews

However, the problem is worse because by completing the survey, you may have turned over valuable information to a scammer who can use that information to target you for spear phishing and further identity theft threats. Source:

1.4 Million Taxpayers Exposed to ‘increased risk of fraud and identity …

This and several similar screw-ups "exposes taxpayers to increased risk of fraud and identity theft." The report reveals a number of interesting tidbits, such as the fact that, in adddition to IRS personnel, 14,000 contractors have … Source:

IRS Leaves Millions Vulnerable to Identity Theft | Washington Free …

The IRS has put millions of taxpayers at risk of identity theft by failing to perform background checks on contractors, according to a new inspector general report. An IG audit performed by the Treasury Department, which … Source:

Lil’ Kim Comes For Nicki Minaj With New Song ‘Identity Theft’

Another thing if Kim is going to try to do the whole identity theft thing (which really was Nicki paying homage to her which Kim said she never did) then lets talk about you trying to be Faith Evans for 1/3 of your life and now Kim … Source:

Lil Kim – Identity Theft (Nicki Minaj Diss) | Stream & Listen [New Song]

Lil Kim continues to take aim at Nicki Minaj with 'Identity Theft.'It looks like Kimmy Blanco was just warming up when she sent a few shots Nicki Minaj's way… Source: