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Check Your Child’s Credit Report for Identity Theft – Lifehacker

We've talked about the importance of protecting yourself against identity theft by credit monitoring, but what about your kids? It's time to check their report on an annual basis. Source:


IRS Slow to Respond to Rubio’s Concerns About Identity Theft …

Rubio first sent a letter more than a year ago, out of concern for senior citizens in Florida who are targeted for identity theft at higher rates. The IRS did not respond until months later, and never followed up with the senator … Source:

‘Synthetic’ ID Theft Emerging As Fastest-Growing Type Of Consumer …

A Marina del Rey man has been convicted on charges related to a rapidly-growing high-tech crime known as synthetic identity theft, according to an exclusive KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO report. Source:

San Jose Police Co-Sponsors Educational Forum on Identity Theft …

The San Jose Police Dept. co-sponsored an identity theft educational forum Saturday. Source:

Identity Theft Times Three |

06/20/2014 Identity Fraud At 7:34 pm, an officer took a report of identity theft in the 2700 block of Wroxton. The victim advised that she discovered her name. Source:

Identity Theft and Social Media – Memphis Daily News

Be careful what information you post on your social media sites. While it is probably not enough alone for identity theft, in combination with other available information, identity thieves can piece together everything they need to … Source:

New ‘Tokenization’ System Could Put An End To Identity Theft …

With so much talk of data breaching, hacking, and identity theft many people are concerned about their personal information. Source:

NY Lawmakers OK Bill To Curb Child Identity Theft – Yeshiva World …

Lawmakers in New York state have passed a proposal designed to help parents prevent their children from becoming the victims of identity theft. The measure passed both the state Senate and Assembly on Tuesday. Source:

St. Peters man pleads guilty to identity theft |

LOUIS (AP) _ A 38-year-old St. Peters man will serve two years in prison after pleading guilty to identity theft in a real estate fraud scheme involving a north St. Louis County homeowner. Federal prosecutors say that Deandrea … Source:

Identity Theft: Tips To Protect Yourself | WebProNews

A lot of people prefer to keep their credit cards, social security cards and driver's licenses on them at all times for convenience, but it can actually put you at risk for identity theft. If you drop or lose these items, they can be found … Source: