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Radio Talkers Giving Illegal Aliens a Pass on Identity Theft | Center …

Conservative talk radio hosts frequently talk about the scourge of identity theft as they do paid commercials designed to get their listeners to sign up for identity theft protection. However they don't tell their listeners that illegal … Source:


Man arrested after allegedly claiming identity theft to avoid paying …

Investigators say they first began looking into the former Yukon man's activity in March of 2014 when the Sheriff's Office was informed of Baker's false identity theft claims. The Experian Credit Reporting Bureau reported they … Source:

Identity Theft Could Soon Be A Reality For eBay Users | WebProNews

Technology]. Identity theft is a constant concern for those who entrust their personal information to Internet companies. Now millions of users are at risk following a massive cyber-attack that recently hit eBay. Last week, we … Source:

Ohio Bill Aims To Prevent Military Identity Theft | WBNS-10TV …

Legislation before the Ohio Senate is intended to help prevent identity theft against military service members and their spouses. The bill that already cleared the House would increase penalties and legal options in cases of … Source:

4 suspects, 4 locations, 1 victim of identity theft

… Letecia Diaz-Jimeniz (41), and Alicia Surrano-Frias (38) last week and booked them into the 4th Avenue Jail on multiple counts of Aggravated Identity Theft and Forgery. All have been identified as being in the US illegally. Source:

Ohio Senate to discuss identity theft prevention |

The proposed legislation calls for more legal options and strengthening penalties. The FTC said identity theft continues to be a top complaint. State Senator Joe Schiavoni said that Ohio has seen a 20 percent uptick in the last … Source:

Don’t fall prey to medical identity theft –

By now, most people know about the perils of identity theft, where someone steals your personal or financial account information and makes fraudulent charges or opens bogus accounts in your name. Lately, a not-so-new … Source:

Identity Theft of the Scholarly Kind | The Scholarly Kitchen

Building a reputation can take decades for a society, publisher or journal. Unfortunately, the influential "seals of approval" in the industry are easy to spoof leaving some authors confused and deceived. Source:

More evidence of identity theft of Attorney Orly Taitz by members of …

Not so long ago Attorney Orly Taitz was a victim of identity theft when bogus tax returns were filed under her name with the IRS and thieves were seeking refunds to be sent to them. IRS refused to disclose to Taitz bank … Source:

Belvidere Woman Arrested in McHenry County for Identity Theft

A Belvidere woman was arrested in McHenry County on one count of Identity Theft. Source: