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FL: Another Defendant Sentenced In Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud …

Moye previously pled guilty to one count of possession of fifteen or more unauthorized access devices, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1029(a)(3), and one count of aggravated identity theft, in violation of … Source:


Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2014 – Tom’s Guide

Identity-theft protection software safeguards any information you store online, and can help you get your affairs back in order. Source:

Tips to prevent identity theft from a local tax advisor – 620 WTMJ …

Identity theft is a constant concern, increasingly so around tax time. Fraudulent tax refunds cost all of us billions of dollars annually and the problem is getting worse, not better. Whether you've filed already or are pushing the … Source:

Children becoming targets of identity theft | CTV News

Many parents order a SIN for their child in order to open a Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP), but the SIN itself leaves a child vulnerable to identity theft because the number isn't associated with a birth date. Source:

Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. Talks About Identity Theft | New York Observer

One of the takeaways is that penalties for identity theft are perhaps too mild. Would you like to see the laws change? Twenty years ago, when I was a young prosecutor, the concept of identity theft didn't exist. It is now the … Source:

LaPorte couple victimized by identity theft, tax refund fraud | What’s …

A LaPorte couple fell victim to a tax refund fraud after their identities were stolen, according to a LaPorte Police report. The couple told police that on March 18, 2014, they received a cashier's check in the mail from Citizens … Source:

How One Hospital Deals with Identity Theft – EconomicPolicyJournal …

How One Hospital Deals with Identity Theft. When logic and sanity bump up against bureaucracy, bureaucracy always wins. I can't imagine this occurring if the hospital system in America wasn't so corrupted by government  Source:

Mastercard Notifies Banks of Identity Theft From DMV – Business …

Mastercard Notifies Banks of Identity Theft From DMV. The stolen credit card and debit card numbers were apparently used for purchases between Aug. 2, 2013 through Jan. 31 of this year. Posted by Michelle Mowad (Editor)  Source:

Protecting kids from identity theft – Iowa Senate Democrats

All Iowans should be protected from identity theft, including children and dependent adults. The Iowa Senate approved House File 2368 to help prevent identity theft of kids and other vulnerable Iowans, giving them the same … Source:

Tax Time Identity Theft – California Casualty Blog

As taxpayers rush to get their 1040's in by the April 15th deadline, the IRS is once again warning thieves may be targeting them as ID theft victims. Hundreds of thousands of Americans find out every year that someone has … Source: