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Identity Theft in the News This Week

Identity theft affects 15 people every minute in the United States in a negative way. That’s because identity thieves profit from stealing people’s identity to the tune of over $40 billion each year… and that number is growing. Whether you choose a provider like Identity Force to protect your identity or you choose to utilize some of the methods that we’ve previously discussed, identity theft happens because people choose to do nothing. Here are some selected news clips from across the United

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Protecting Yourself from RFID

What is RFID? And how is it a danger to you? Please take a few moments of your time to view this news clip from NBC13 in Indianopolis, IN. You’ll be glad you did – I know I sure was!

How Secure is an RFID Card?
Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is supposedly very secure, yet as you can see in the above clip, all it takes is a computer and a credit card reader that costs you less than $100 and you can commit credit card fraud without your victim even knowing that they’ve got

RFID Identity Theft can happen in an instant and you’d never know it. Find out how to protect yourself against this form of identity theft today here!

What Is Spear Phishing?

What is spear phishing? To sum it up in one sentence, it is a targeted e-mail fraud attempt that seeks out unauthorized access to confidential information from a targeted individual or organization. Spear phishing differs from regular “phishing,” with which many of us are familiar, in that it isn’t some random dude behind a computer attempting to get as much information from as many people as possible by posing as a large corporation.

It is very much on point, very target orientated, and has

Identity theft protection means being able to recognize a spear phishing attempt. Find out more about how you can recognize the signs:

Protect Your Identity While Job Hunting

Gone are the days when it was enough to pick up the newspaper to find a job listing, pay a visit to the business owner, get a spot interview, and potentially be working the very next day. Some jobs have over 100 applicants for them, and more employers every day are relying on electronic application methods to streamline the hiring process. There are also a large number of job seeker websites available, like, where applicants can upload a resume and then apply to multiple jobs with

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Identity Theft in the News

For some people, the problem of identity theft just isn’t a reality. It might be because it hasn’t happened to them just yet, because they believe they are invulnerable to this crime, or because they live in a rural environment and don’t interact with people very often. There are literally thousands of reasons why people don’t take identity theft seriously, and that’s the reason why identity theft is the fast growing crime in our country. Just how prevalent is identity theft these days? I’ve

Identity Theft is more prevalent than you think. Read more about this week’s identity theft news!

The Hidden Dangers of Wi-Fi

Are you truly aware of the risks that you take when you are using public computers or Wi-Fi to access social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Free Wi-Fi is literally everywhere you look these days and it is a big selling point for many businesses. I can even get free Wi-Fi while I’m waiting for my doctor in that tiny little room filled with magazines that are three years old. Free Wi-FI at fast food establishments or the ever popular cyber coffee cafe often appeals to

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Stopping ID Theft Before It Starts

Identity theft is a fast growing crime but there are some things you can do to prevent it. Take the time to learn more about ID theft before it’s too late.

Why Am I Only Protected Against a Failure of Service?

When you take a good, close look at a vast majority of the $1 million+ recovery plans that are available today when it comes to identity theft protection services like LifeLock®, you’ll notice that there is a caveat included that says access to this $1,000,000 comes if you become the victim of identity theft because of a failure of their services. In other words, you only get access to the million if your provider failed in some way to protect your identity. So what exactly does that mean? If

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Guard Your Identity with Your Costco Membership

Have you been thinking about identity theft protection for awhile? Have you been putting off the decision because you need to get some bills resolved or are saving some extra money away for a rainy day? If so, then today is your lucky day, because you can get a super deal on your identity theft protection services through Identity Guard® if you have a Costco membership. That’s because Costco and Identity Guard have teamed up together to offer you a pretty spectacular deal on their effective

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Coping with the Difficult Emotions of Identity Theft

When identity theft happens to you, it can seem like the whole world comes crashing in. I can fully empathize because I too was a victim of identity theft. If you haven’t heard my story, it’s a pretty common one these days. Someone somewhere managed to get their hands on my Social Security number and they filed a false tax return using my identification information. When I logged online to e-file my taxes, I got an error that told me I’d already filed my taxes.

Thankfully that’s the only

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