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Could LifeLock Reduce the Effects of Identity Theft?

LifeLock: Relentlessly Protecting Your Identity Since 2005

When it comes to identity theft protection from LifeLock, you’re basically purchasing an insurance policy that helps you recover from a theft event should it happen. Now these protection plans will also take a lot of preventative actions to make sure that this doesn’t happen, but for all intents and purposes, professional identity theft protection is essentially

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Identity Theft Through Bankruptcy

Marie was surprised to see what turned out to be a process server at the door since she knew she didn’t have any outstanding bills and her divorce had become final. Out of curiosity, she opened the door and talked to the server. The documents weren’t actually for her, but they were for her son, John. He had been called to a meeting of creditors in three weeks in order to talk about his Chapter 13 bankruptcy exit strategy. Marie, however, knew for a fact that John had never filed for a

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Identity Theft By a Family Member

Lisa grew up in what she considered to be a very loving family. She had two brothers and a sister growing up, her parents stayed together, they all had attended church just about every week growing up, and she felt like she was very blessed to be given the family she had. If someone needed something, Lisa would be there helping out because she knew that her family would do the same thing for her. Then one day she got a bill in the mail from a cell phone company that she didn’t recognize, which

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Is Investment Identity Theft a Real Issue?

An identity thief can access your identity in a number of different ways these days, partially because we have a lot of information put out there on the internet, and partially because many of us have multiple financial accounts and identification materials. The more we have, the more vulnerabilities we have. If you only have one checking account and maybe a credit card, that’s all you need to protect. If you have multiple checking accounts, multiple credit cards, and even investment accounts,

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I Lost My Social Security Card… Now What?

You’ve left the restaurant, you’re having a good time with those you love, and when you get to the next place on the agenda for the evening you realize that you were having such a good time that you forgot your wallet. This causes a slight heart palpitation for a moment as you dash back to the restaurant, bother the people who are sitting at your table now as you frantically search for where you might have dropped it, and in the end, you get zero hope from the statement from the hostess who

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Common Identity Mistakes People Made

Have you ever experienced that strange sensation you get when you come home from a long day at work to find your home has been broken into? When you get inside, you notice that not much has been taken… but much of your paperwork, financial statements, and other identifying information has been? Sadly, this scenario plays out every day for many people. Though a break-in might be a little better than getting served with a lawsuit because of identity theft, it’s still a devastating experience,

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Are You Oversharing?

“Going out to see the in-laws this weekend. Should be a blast!”

“Going out of town on a 4 day vacation. Can’t wait to see the ocean, eat some good seafood, and spend some time with my wife!”

“I just don’t know how the dogs are going to be able to cope at the dog kennel for the next two weeks until we get back.”

What do all of these statements have in common? Two things, really:

They indicate that you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time.
They indicate that

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